The Temples of Hera

The Temples of Hera

Date ca. 550 BCE and ca. 460 BCE, respectively

Movement Greek

Medium Bronze cast

Location Paestum, Salerno, Italy


Also known as the “Basilica” and “Temple of Poseidon.” Though they were built relatively close in time to each other, the temples to Hera at Paestum show remarkable differences. In the first, the building is low and appears to sprawl across the land; its Doric columns display an incredible amount entasis, giving the appearance of nearly crumbling under so much weight above. Meanwhile, the second temple, even despite its fewer columns, appears compact and sturdy.


On the interior of the second temple, a second row of smaller columns rise up from the metopes, and would have supported the timbered roof above; they are scaled in such a way as to appear as mere extensions of the larger columns below.