The Crucifixion and Iconoclasts, Khludov Psalter

The Crucifixion and Iconoclasts, Khludov Psalter

Date after 843 CE

Movement Early Christian

Medium Tempera on vellum

Dimensions 7.25 x 6″

Housed at State Historical Museum, Moscow


Eventually, the conflict over pro- and anti-icon (Iconoclasts and Iconophiles) came to a head during the great Iconoclasm under Byzantine emperor Leo III, who rejected their use and instated this proclamation in the Eastern empire, where his power was more prevalent. The conflict later caused the church to split, and this was officially recognized in 1054. The Iconophiles eventually won in 843—this Psalter was created shortly after. Its illustration portrays the conflict itself—likening those that pierced Christ’s body upon the Cross to Iconoclasts that white-washed his image from icons.