Mosque of Selim II

Mosque of Selim II

Architect Sinan the Great

Date 1569-74

Movement Islamic

Located at Edirne, Turkey


The Ottomans were certainly a force to be reckoned with, especially after having sacked Constantinople (renaming it “Istanbul”) and extending their empire as far as Vienna—their architectural triumphs proclaim their might. The layout of this mosque recalls the lofty, monstrous spaciousness of the Hagia Sofia; however, while the architects of the Hagia Sofia “hide” the church’s supporting structures, here, Sinan the Great emphasizes them, choosing to leave their whitish color exposed, contrasting especially with the leaden dome they support. On the interior, arches with voussoirs of alternating color support a massive dome, decorated with poly-chromatic tiles that create naturalistic floral patterns.