Sarcophagus of Dona Sancha

Sarcophagus of Dona Sancha

Date ca. 1120

Movement Mature Romanesque

Medium Stone

Dimensions 25.8 x 78.84”

Provenace Monastério de las Benedictinas, Jaca, Spain


Women would have played an important role in Romanesque Spain, as they were often in charge of acquiring or trading property while their husbands were at war with the Muslims. In the front, left panel, clerics prepare Mass for the dead; in the middle, two angels carry Doña Sancha heaven-ward (note that this panel is the only one not contained within an arch), to the right, the princess is likely flanked by her two sisters. In the back panels, mounted warriors fill the arcades; to the right, one straddles a lion, and is thought to be Samson or David; these warlike decorations were not uncommon for Spain at this time, given the wars with the Muslims.