Bayeux Tapestry

Bayeux Tapestry

Date ca. 1066-83

Movement Romanesque

Medium Wool embroidery on linen

Height 20″ x 231′

Housed at Centre Guillaume le Conquérant, Bayeux, France


The Bayeux Tapestry serves as an incredibly long program of historical import. Depicted above is the Coronation of Harold Godwinson. Below are images of Crowds Gaze in Awe at a Comet as Harold is Told of an Omen and The Battle of Hastings.


Crowds Gaze in Awe at a Comet as Harold is Told of an Omen

As in the Gospel Book of Abbot Wedricus, the border essentially becomes a part of the narrative: in the top border, Hailey’s Comet strikes through the sky, while in the main frieze, an aide warns Harold of oncoming danger, which we see in the border below (William II’s boats prepare to cross the English Channel).


The Battle of Hastings

Though the figures appear more flat than previous battle accounts (such as those from Classical Greece), we can still decipher an incredible amount of commotion. Further, troops have not been massed together in a crowd; rather, they each appear as individuals.