Naumburg Cathedral

Naumburg Cathedral

Artist Naumburg Master

Date consecrated 1044 (ca. 1249-55 interior sculptures)

Movement RomanesqueGerman Gothic

Located at Naumburg, Germany

German exteriors in during the Gothic period continued to be built in the Romanesque manner; Gothic influence can rather be seen in the interiors, perhaps even more so than in French cathedrals.

Choir Screen

German Gothic sculpture takes upon significantly more gravity than its lyrical, French counterpart; note the gravity of the expressions and the weight of Christ’s body on the Crucifixion program of the choir screen. The Kiss of Judas scene is likewise significantly more dramatic and active than the aloof French depictions of this era.

Eekard and Uta

Nobles who were crucial benefactors of Naumburg cathedral were added to the responds of the choir under Bishop Dietrich II’s direction, as a way of highlighting their generosity and encouraging the parish to donate to a new choir. Incredibly detailed, personalized and realistic qualities highlight the increasing emphasis placed on individual members of society at this time.