Ognissanti Madonna (Giotto)

Ognissanti Madonna (Giotto)

Artist Giotto

Date ca. 1310

Movement Proto-Renaissance

Medium Tempera on panel

Dimensions 10’8” x 6’8”

Housed at Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence


It is very  likely that Giotto was a student of Cimabue. The Madonna’s blue robes contrast vividly against the gold background, making her the clear focal point; this is emphasized by the angels and saints directing their gazes in her direction. Giotto uses significantly subtler and more refined garment highlighting than Cimabue or his Byzantine predecessors, helping to add depth and naturalism to the piece. Space is introduced with the three-dimensional throne upon which the Madonna sits and the shelf upon which the angels kneel. The ancient Roman technique of mimicking marble surfaces reappears—note the throne’s base and the gable’s quatrefoil.