Sala Della Pace

Sala Della Pace

Artist Ambrogio Lorenzetti

Date 1338-40

Movement Proto-Renaissance

Medium Fresco

Located at Sala della Pace, Palazzo Pubblico


This fresco program was commissioned to serve as inspiration for the council of the Nove (Nine). In the left of the Allegory of Good Government, the personification of justice is guided by Wisdom; to the right, the personification of the Common Good is flanked by symbols of the Virtues; below are 24 members of the Sienese judiciary. Within this architectural portrait of Siena, Lorenzetti depicts civil life flourishing under Good Government in the City: merchants conduct business, teachers educate, builders construct. In Good Government in the Country, Lorenzetti depicts the first-known, true landscape created since ancient Roman times. Fields, hills and bodies of water sprawl while farmers, hunters and pleasure seekers go about their business, freely, under the watchful eye of a personification of Security.