Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Artist Limbourg Brothers

Date 1413-16

Movement International Gothic

Medium Tempera on panel

Dimensions 8.875 x 5.375″

Housed at Musée Condé, Chantilly, France


Jean, the Duke of Berry, commissioned this work to flaunt his wealth and power. On the January Page, the ongoings of a winter feast below the celestial chart of January are portrayed with an incredible amount of detail. The Limbourg Brothers flatter the Duke by placing him at the table in the midst of conversation. In the July page, an ideal scene of summer is depicted in which workers labor before the Duke’s castle. The fields upon which the laborers toil rises up the page, rather than into it—this is not a natural portrayal of perspective; however, it presents a peaceful view of serfdom, making the peasants appear more important than they perhaps felt.