The Incredulity of Thomas (Andrea del Verrocchio)

The Incredulity of Thomas (Andrea del Verrocchio)

Artist Andrea del Verrocchio

Date 1467-83

Movement Italian Renaissance

Medium Bronze

Dimensions height of Christ 7’6.5”, Thomas 6’6.75”

Located at Or San Michele, Florence


One niche originally created and filled by Donatello was removed after 1462, then given to the judges of the merchants’ guild; here, St. Thomas verifies the miraculousness of the Resurrection by examining the gouge marks upon Christ. Verrocchio was forced to incorporate his sculpture within the shallow, pre-existing niche; therefore, the pieces have no backs, and St. Thomas’ foot extends beyond the niche, inviting the viewer into the scene.


A trained painter, Verrocchio incorporates the drama of a canvas work; St. Thomas’ twisted form and the figures’ heavy drapery contrast with the calm expression of Christ. Verrocchio was praised by Michelangelo for the work’s beauty and da Vinci for the way in which the work portrays the figures’ inner emotions.