The Damned Cast into Hell (Signorelli)

The Damned Cast into Hell (Signorelli)

Artist Luca Signorelli

Date 1499 – 1500

Movement Italian Renaissance

Medium Fresco

Dimensions width approx. 23′

Located at San Brizio Chapel, Orvieto


The papacy returned to Rome and began to reassert its authority at the turn of the century; those that showed support were repaid—in this case of the city of Orvieto, with a papal commission to adorn its chapel with paintings. Angels cast sinners toward Hell, where they writhe and twist in agony; while Perugino utilized spacial perspective to create a calming effect, here, Signorelli uses it to create a cramped and overwhelming feeling. As 1500 approached (the year many believed to herald the end of times), many paintings with this subject matter were produced.