David (Michelangelo)

David (Michelangelo)

Artist Michelangelo

Date 1501-04

Movement High Renaissance

Medium Marble

Dimensions height 17′

Housed at Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence


This magnificent work was commissioned by the directors of the Florence Cathedral, originally to be placed at one of the structure’s buttresses. Michelangelo was clearly influenced by the Hellenistic works that he was surrounded by while in Rome; while the figure here is not necessarily in- motion, he certainly displays the potential for it – his musculature implies strength and power, while his watchful gaze insinuates an unwavering vigilance.


Upon completion, directors thought it best to place the statue in front of the Palazzo della Signoria, where its powerful and vigilant character could serve as the perfect symbol for the city’s republican ideals.