The Tempest (Giorgione)

The Tempest (Giorgione)

Artist Giorgione

Date ca. 1505

Movement High Renaissance

Medium Oil on canvas

Dimensions 31.25 x 28.75″

Housed at Galleria dell’Accademia, Venice


This work was commissioned by Gabriele Vendramin. Giorgione depicts a palpably humid evening by employing thick sfumato; while the foreground lends a sense of tranquility, the rolling thunder clouds and lighting in the backdrop impose a sense of energy and foreboding.


Scholars have long debated the identities of the figures; the male may be a shepherd, a warrior, or an angel; the female may be Venus, Eve, Hagar, or even Nature; likewise, the meaning of the work has remained illusive – we are not sure if this piece is depicting a narrative, or is perhaps meant only to convey a particular mood.