Palazzo Pitti

Palazzo Pitti

Architect Bartolommeo Ammanati

Date 1558-70

Movement Late Renaissance

Located at Florence, Italy


This structure was commissioned by the Medici dukes to serve as their place for holding court. This palace looks more like the Palazzo della Signoria than the Palazzo Medici, in that it has been treated to give the appearance of a fortress. Ammanati recalls the grandeur of the Roman empire by including the three levels and orders of the Colosseum (note the capitals); he further introduces bands of rustication that almost appear to bar or imprison the building itself—the columns, for example, are no longer independent forms but are wholly a part of the building’s façade.


Boboli Gardens

The gardens were commissioned by the Medici family to offer grand views for the residents of Palazzo Pitti and a space for ducal events. Originally designed by Nicolo Tribolo and later adjusted by Vasari and Ammanati, the Gardens features a vast array of foliage-lined walkways, fountains, artificial grottoes and a plethora of marble sculptures, often depicting mythological figures.