Kore, perhaps from Chios

Kore, perhaps from Chios

Date ca. 520 BCE

Movement Greek | Late Archaic

Medium Marble

Height 21.875″

Provenance Akropolis, Athens, Greece

Housed at National Museum, Athens


Just as art historians are able to date male statues by standards of naturalism, so too are they able to determine the origin date of female statues. It is a bit more difficult to judge how sculptors would have portrayed naturalism in bodily features, however, given the fact that women of this era were clothed, while male nudity was accepted in public.


We can still assume that this particular work to have been created later than the Lady of Auxerre—instead of one simple sheet of fabric, her clothing is a richly decorated and textured ornament, while her locks of hair, though still stylized, fall freely across her shoulders and torso.