St. George (Donatello)

St. George (Donatello)

Artist Donatello

Date ca. 1410-20

Movement Italian Renaissance

Medium Marble

Dimensions height of statue 6’10”

Housed at Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence


This work at Or San Michele was commissioned by the Armorer’s Guild. As he had done in his treatment of St. Mark, Donatello continues his use of the Classical style by giving St. George a graceful yet powerful poise—ready for combat; this is mirrored in his gaze, as he appears to screen the horizon for enemies. The Armorer Guild’s work is certainly on display—aside from the shield and armor, St. George here once donned a helmet and sword. In the relief below, St. George saves a princess from a dragon; here, Donatello devises schiacciato, producing slight protrusions that gives the work significant depth, despite its shallowness.